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OCFM How do you upload global blacklist to OCFM from CFCA Black List
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You need to upload a .zip file containing three files:
1. fdp-blacklist-dest-numbers.csv
2. fdp-balcklist-src-numbers.csv
3. fdp-babcklist-user-agents.csv
NOTE: Do not change the names of these files.

Each .csv you will see the csv format:
- The format of the first two is: user,range,date,expire,source
- You can use either use a user or range, but not the two in the same line. "user" will match a phone number whereas "range" will match by prefix
- You can replace as "source" the current "Acme Packet" by CFCA, though it doesn't have much implications internally.
- Keep expire as empty

The first line of each .csv must be like in the files, you can not skip it, since the parser needs it for metadata purposes. Sample file content contains the following text:

IMPORTANT: The separator for each of these files is a comma. Please ensure these .csv files have the comma separator and not the semicolon, as most spreadsheet files use that separator.

1. fdp-blacklist-dest-numbers.csv:
# {"version": 1, "date": "2013-03-17", "type": "dst_user"}
,2245520,2013-03-18,,Acme Packet
,3712505,2013-03-18,,Acme Packet

2. fdp-balcklist-src-numbers.csv
# {"version": 1, "date": "2013-03-20", "type": "src_user"}
,2245520,2013-03-18,,Acme Packet
,3712505,2013-03-18,,Acme Packet

3. fdp-babcklist-user-agents.csv
# {"version": 1, "date": "2013-04-17", "type": "caller_ua"}

TIPS on how to convert your blacklist file:
1. With your particular blacklist file, you will focus on two sheets namely: “High Risk Ranges” and “New Entries”.
2. Modify the 2 spreadsheets to look like the screenshot attached to the mail.
3. Merge these two files into one by copying the information using a text editor (Notepad) and pasting it in the other one.
4. After merging, use the text editor to find and replace all ; (semicolons) with , (commas).
5. After editing the separators, copy all info in the file and paste it into the “fdp-blacklist-dest-numbers.csv” file. (Remove column name entries of the 2 sheets
before merging it with the fdp-blacklist-dest-numbers.csv file). The lists in GSMA are destination numbers, and that is why we are only editing the
fdp-blacklist-dest-numbers.csv file and not the rest.
6. Remove all sample antries from the “fdp-balcklist-src-numbers.csv” and “fdp-babcklist-user-agents.csv” files if there are any, since your blacklist file
does not contain any info to cover these fields.
7. Once all 3 files completed, you will have to appropriately compress these three files into one.
Ensure that all three files are in the same directory of choice, and then use the following command if you have Unix based OS:
server# zip -9r Archive/
This command is executable from OS X terminal too.

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