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Restoring factory defaults to Appdirector
Last Updated 4 years ago

Restoring factory defaults to Appdirector

  1. Connect with serial cable ( 19200 ).
  2. At the second boot prompt “ Press any key to stop auto boot “ press a key.
  3. Then type in “ q1 “ .
  4. Choose the yes option “ y “ .
  5. The configuration will be erased.
  6. Type “ @ “ and Appdirector will reboot.
  7. Let the Appdirector reboot fully till you get to Startup configuration.
  8. Put in IP address.
  9. Subnet ( 24 ) just to show format.
  10. Port ( MNG-1 ) or any port you want.
  11. Gateway.
  12. You can choose default for the rest, but enable web access ,telnet and ssh.( you can disable later )
Device will reboot and you should be able to access the Appdirector though the management port or the port you chose using your browser.

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