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OCFM High CPU load
Last Updated 4 years ago

It was confirmed that there is bad recourse spreading one version on the Fraud Monitor.
The pld-fdpcallevent processes were throttling the CPU even at low call feeds from the ME.
It might be affecting later versions too. Bug ID to be announced.

A possible workaround:

1. Log in to the AE system and backup the following files:


2. Replace the .pyc files with the corresponding files from the attached archive, fdp-patch-20180207.tar.gz : FDP call event performance patch..

3. Restart the pld-fdpcallevent services using the following command:

systemctl list-units --full | awk '/fdpcallevent/ { print $1 }' | xargs
systemctl restart

To roll back, remove the two files, copy the backed up files to their original location and restart the services again.

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